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Lyme Disease Growing in Maine

This story is particularly poignant for me after living 20 years in the state and watching the number of people I know personally resist the idea of such a terrifying epidemic, and trying to attribute Lyme symptoms to other ailments.

“The controversy comes from whether or not persisting symptoms equals persisting infection. Some physicians are concerned that they will become–targeted isn’t the right word, maybe it is, but they may be looked at and investigated if they treat with longer courses of antibiotics,” said Szantyr.

Following are some Lyme Disease prevention tips:1. Be aware of tick habitats2. Wear light-colored clothing outdoors3. Tuck shirt into pants, pants into socks4. Permethrin-treated fabrics are ideal5. Repellents containing DEET6. Put clothes in dryer–30 minutes on high7. Do a full-body naked tick check when you return indoors8. Check your pets for ticks9. Cut grass short, clear leaves away from house

World-Wide Lyme Disease Protest:worldwidelymediseaseprotest.blog­spot.com

Capital Area Lyme Support Group:facebook.com/capitolarealymesuppor­t

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