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Avril Lavigne Opens Up About Her Struggle With Lyme

Published on Jun 29, 2015

Singer Avril Lavigne said she’s seeing progress in her treatment for Lyme disease, which struck her last year while she was on tour. The Canadian singer, known for multiple hits in the early 2000s, said trying to get a diagnosis was the worst time of her life.

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Pain and Brain Chemistry with Lyme Disease

Dr Rick Sponaugle uses brain scans to teach Lyme patient Eric of Pennsylvania the brain science of Lyme disease. Dr Sponaugle explains how he always optimizes brain function first when treating Lyme patients and why optimizing brain function reduced Eric’s total body pain by 80 percent in his first week of treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Dr. Sponaugle has successfully helped many people to recover from Lyme. His approach is to treat the brain first. Very instructive video.

© Copyright 2013 Marvin Sponaugle, MD All Rights Reserved

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CBC Presents a Campaign for New Legislation

Power & Politics by CBC interviews Lyme sufferer involved in political campaign in Canada.

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Be Careful on the Appalachian Trail

Local station picked up this story filmed near Daleville, VA in early November 2013  by Logan McCulloch as he was passing through on his southbound Appalachian Trail hike to raise awareness for Lyme disease. Thanks to his friend John Burrows for arranging this segment and to he and his wife Susan for hosting him in their home.

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Erica Volker Fights Chronic Lyme Disease

By Paul Volker

This is the story Erica Valker’s story battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. Three years ago she was happy, active and seemingly healthy. Erica has now been debilitated by Lyme disease and multiple co-infections that have her fighting for her life.

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NBC and SELF magazine reported on chronic Lyme disease

This story was published 2 years ago with a few important points that continue to fuel the medical debate.  Media and researchers confirm that Lyme has been reported in all 50 states but medical doctors refuse to admit people are being infected in all 50 states. Also, the first tier to diagnose Lyme disease is with the ELISA antibody test, some sources report up to 50 and even as high as 75% false negatives (depending on the time of year) and as low as 20 – 30% as presented here (the truth is anyone’s guess as there is no 100% reliable test available as of now, August 2014.)

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Erica’s Fight Against Chronic Lyme Disease

Intense story that many will relate to. None of these alternative treatments are covered by insurance and at some point we run out of money and get kicked to the curb by our doctors, insurance companies and in most cases family and friends give up too. Paul is a rare husband who is sticking by his wife. They try antibiotics, glutathione, ozone blood therapy – she still experiences adrenal failure – basically the immune system shuts down and you are forced to build it back up which can’t begin until the disease is eradicated or at least pushed back to a tolerable “load”.

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Lyme Healing – A Love Story

This is one hour but very inspirational!

Published on Aug 27, 2012

Justin & Christa Vanderham

This is a movie about our 5 years of fighting for our life, countless treatments, and the roller coaster Lyme can put you on. Christa fought for her life and we are still here to tell the tale!

NOTE FROM JENNA: The toxin binding powder discussed towards the end of the video is Cholestyramine. This is especially good for ridding the intestines of toxins that would otherwise recirculate.

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

No copyright infringement intended. I do not profit from, or claim any rights to any of these songs and artists:

Joy Willaims – Say Goodbye
Natalie Grant – Held, Our Hope Endures
Warren Barfield – Love is Not a Fight
LL Cool J – Down the Aisle
Lifehouse – Storm
Jill Paquette – Come to Me
Michael Buble – Everything
Andrew Peterson – Dancing in the Minefields
Taylor Swift – Love Story
Grey Holiday – You Belong to Me
John Waller -While I’m Waiting
Chris Rice – When Did You Fall in Love With Me
Casting Crowns – Praise You in This Storm, Lifesong, Voice of Truth
Sanctus Real – Lead Me

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Lyme Disease Growing in Maine

This story is particularly poignant for me after living 20 years in the state and watching the number of people I know personally resist the idea of such a terrifying epidemic, and trying to attribute Lyme symptoms to other ailments.

“The controversy comes from whether or not persisting symptoms equals persisting infection. Some physicians are concerned that they will become–targeted isn’t the right word, maybe it is, but they may be looked at and investigated if they treat with longer courses of antibiotics,” said Szantyr.

Following are some Lyme Disease prevention tips:1. Be aware of tick habitats2. Wear light-colored clothing outdoors3. Tuck shirt into pants, pants into socks4. Permethrin-treated fabrics are ideal5. Repellents containing DEET6. Put clothes in dryer–30 minutes on high7. Do a full-body naked tick check when you return indoors8. Check your pets for ticks9. Cut grass short, clear leaves away from house

World-Wide Lyme Disease Protest:worldwidelymediseaseprotest.blog­spot.com

Capital Area Lyme Support Group:facebook.com/capitolarealymesuppor­t

Property and Copyright



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Chronic Lyme Disease – Conversation Live! Part Two

Part Two is far better than Part One – you can see that the director of the show put more effort into getting better facts.

Each year an estimated three hundred thousand Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease. If the diagnosis is confirmed early enough, the disease can be treated with short-term antibiotics. But if Lyme goes untreated, symptoms can progress. On Conversations LIVE our panel of experts continued our discussion on Lyme disease with a focus on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in humans.

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Chronic Lyme Disease Discussed on Conversation Live! Part One

This production is not as good as Part 2 but there are some interesting facts mixed in with totally wrong information. Good example of how confusing the CDC’s reporting is for everyone.  Some of the statements given as fact are in fact not proven.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that three hundred thousand Americans contract Lyme disease every year, and the number of infections is growing. Contrary to popular belief, ticks transmit disease 12 months of the year, especially during winter! What can YOU do to prevent the tick-borne disease? On the next Conversations LIVE our experts will talk about preventing and treating Lyme disease.

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Interview Excerpt with “Under Our Skin” Director Andy Abrahams Wilson

Watch the entire interview with “Under Our Skin” Director Andy Abrahams Wilson at Lyme Less Live ore:http://lymelesslivemore.com

Excerpt from Andy Abrahams Wilsonl’s interview with Brent Martin and Dana Walsh (“Under Our Skin”) in Lyme Less Live More. The making of “Under Our Skin” was no small task.

With over 400 hours of footage, Andy Abrahams Wilson and his team spent years developing the story. In this ground-breaking interview, he will reveal the overarching similarities and the key aspects in those that recover. 

Watch the entire interview at Lyme Less Live More:

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Lyme Disease Continues to Grow in Canada.

Jim Wilson President of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation speaks about Lyme disease.
Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in North America.

Disease carrying ticks are becoming more and more prevalent in Canada and are on the move. These ticks are transported randomly throughout Canada by our friendly migratory birds that can also harbor Lyme disease and other diseases in their blood.

Lyme disease can cause long‐term health issues if not identified and treated early. It can affect the brain, eyesight, hearing, heart, nervous system, muscles, joints, digestive tract, and lymph nodes.

Lyme disease has been misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), several forms of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, bowel disorders, and many other diagnoses.

Ticks can be found in your lawn, in tall grass or brush, on logs or woodpiles. Pets can carry ticks into your home.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has found ticks carrying Lyme disease throughout the southern portion of the province including the Vancouver area, Victoria, the Okanagan, and the Kootenays.

For more information visit the website canlyme.com

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Expert Explains Prevailing Myths About Lyme Disease Part Two

Published on Aug 22, 2013
This is a 30 minute video with Dr. Alan MacDonald, a retired M.D. and board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. This revealing interview from May 2013 (part 2 of 3) covers many misunderstandings associated with Lyme disease.

Brains and eyes as infection sanctuary sites
Cloaking of spirochetes in complementary proteins
Borrelia lifeforms: biofilms, communities, persisters, liposomes
Syphilis spirochetes and similarities
Spirochetes similar in biofunction as sperm
Anatomy of a tick assault
Six ways of evading the human immune system
The CDC and Borrelia biofilms
Atomic force microscopy: confirms Borrelia biofilms
101 strains of Borrelia, 150 global genotypes
Babesiosis types
Why strain variation makes testing inaccurate

The complete interview is available on DVD from The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation. Please offer an any-sized, tax deductible donation at this link:


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Bacterial Attack Models That Cause Chronic Lyme Disease

Published on Jul 21, 2013
Cystic Borrelia are under-appreciated in borrelia biology. This full-length lecture discusses the formation of Cystic Borrelia, and the pathological effects in the human body which are associated with chronic Lyme disease, especially in the brain. Congential hydrocephalus caused by gestational borreliosis [ 3 cases in world literature ] are also reviewed in detail by expert Dr. Alan MacDonald.

Discussion of the possibility of motility in Cystic borrelia is correlated with Electron Microscopy of borrelia Cystic forms. The String of Pearls form of borrelia is illustrated, and the identification of Borrelia String of Pearls forms in human blood by Professor Morten Laane is illustrated. Round bodies associated with various Neurodegenerative Disorders in the Human [ ALS, Parkinson’s, Cortical Lewy body Dementia. CorticoBasal Degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, FrontoTemporal Dementia] are correlated with parallel observations of Round Body Borrelia invading human brain neurons in a case of Alzheimer’s disease. A new paradigm of Round body Neuropathology is suggested for further study as evidence of Invasive Cystic borrelia microbes. This Paradigm would shift the classification of Neurodegenerative disorders containing Round Intra-neuronal bodies from idiopathic in cause to chronic Lyme disease and infectious diseases of the human brain.

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Shapeshifting Lyme Bacteria Part One

Published on Jul 17, 2013
Spirochetes are expected to present as spiral or corkscrew shaped profiles.

This idea comes from Textbook depictions. Spiral profiles are, in fact, only ONE form of many other Alternate PERFECT spirochetal Forms ; These Include Round body spirochetes [Cystic spirochetes], Granular dot like spirochetes, Biofilm Community Spirochetes, and Liposomal [bleb-like] Spirochetes.
All of the Above Spirochetes are PERFECT.
All of the Above Spirochetes are capable of producing injury in the human host.
Shapeshifting is an adaptation of the Spirochetes to survival in adverse conditions.
All Non-Spiral spirochetes are capable of regenerating the spiral form depicted in textbooks.

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Frightening Biology of Lyme Disease

Published on Jul 20, 2013
This is a 30 minute video with Dr. Alan MacDonald, a retired M.D. and board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. This revealing interview from May 2013 (1 of 3) covers many of the controversies associated with Lyme disease:

– Chronic lyme disease;
– Alzheimer’s and Lyme disease: microscopy and culturing brain tissue;
– How Borrelia changes and survives within the human host;
– The many strains and variations in Borrelia, how this relates to flawed testing.

The complete interview is available from The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation. Contribute an any-sized donation (more if outside the U.S.) at this link:


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Death From Lyme in Australia Where it Officially Doesn’t Exist

Thousands of people are suffering from chronic Lyme disease in Australia, a number that is certainly skyrocketing as officials deny that Australian ticks carry Borrelia burgdorferi or any other spirochetes that cause disease. This position is becoming harder and harder to defend as people are getting sick with Lyme disease who have never left the continent.

Published on Mar 19, 2012

In a major Lyme disease development, a man has died from a disease he caught from a tick, and the victim’s doctor is urging authorities to act.

There are a growing number of organizations, blogs and websites in Australia designed to help those who are suffering or who think they may have Lyme disease.  Search internet or try Lyme Disease Association of Australia: http://www.lymedisease.org.au/.

Published on May 18, 2013

They’re the Perth Mums and Dads, adults and children in the fight of their lives. Sick of being sick and of being given the run-around by a government with its head in the sand, they’re taking desperate measures, demanding 1) doctors consider Lyme Disease as a part of their differential diagnosis, 2) calling for laboratory testing facilities to be accessible in Australia, 3) demanding the government acknowledge the illness and facilitate good medical practice and MediCare support, and 4) advocating the routine use of antibiotics following a tick bite to cheaply and efficiently prevent a chronic illness from developing in the first place.
Reporter: Mark Gibson
Story link: http://www.7perth.com.au/view/today-t…
For more information on Lyme Disease in Australia:

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1 Million New Lyme Cases in Germany in 2012

Published on Nov 28, 2012

Much recently reported at a 2012 ILADS conference, Dr. Alan MacDonald the discoverer of biofilms with Lyme disease, announced that there had been 1 million new cases of Lyme disease in Germany for 2012. Now let’s sit back and just digest that for a moment.

1 million new cases, just for the year of 2012!!! Why isn’t this being talked about in the news, instead of just being talked about on blogs and forums. The media is so willing to report about West Nile Virus, but yet when it comes to Lyme disease I never see anything about it on CNN or MSNBC, and any of the other news stations.

And I love when doctors and people suggest that it’s not that big of a deal due to a low death rate. If the suicides due to the disease along with organ failures were recorded, I guarantee the death rate would be a lot more than West Nile virus. Not to mention the financial strain it’s putting on families, this disease will drain your bank account!

The IDSA reports that 30,000 to 40,000 new cases appear in the US each year. They have admitted that due to inaccurate collection of statistics, that the cases are 10 to 12 times that. The doctors that work for the IDSA are educated people, well since they are educated why don’t they change the way they collect statistics. I just recently read how my own state Michigan collect statistics, all the loops you have to jump through to get recorded is ridiculous.

None of the people in my region of the state are even getting recorded, just this past year in 2011, not one case was recorded in southeastern Michigan.

Yet when I talk to friends and family, I know almost a dozen of people that have had it or are still dealing with it right now. One friend actually got bit on Harsens Island and went blind for a period of time, but eventually he got better and regained his eyesight. Not everyone is so lucky, especially when you can’t even find the right treatment you need for the disease. There are only 4-5 Lyme literate doctors in the state of Michigan, so when you get bit you can bet that you’re gonna be on a waiting list for a while.

And not only are the collection of statistics screwed up, but the official Lyme disease test doctors use only looks for one strain of Borrelia bacteria, which doesn’t account for the other strains, which some say there are up to 100 different Borrelia strains out there. It’s obvious we have a big problem on our hands, along with the other bacteria that is becoming resistant to antibiotics.

What we need is a more accurate test and educate doctors about the disease. In my region estate I went to 10 different doctors and emergency rooms, not one of them suggested testing for Lyme disease. All the doctors suggested that they tested me for everything, when that statement was totally untrue. It’s obvious the healthcare system is failing and change needs to happen!

I just can’t imagine how many people are walking around with the disease and they don’t even know it. Anyways I hope this video has helped educate you a little about Lyme disease and stay tune for more unregulated information from the Covert Chronicle.

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Get Super Better Even With Chronic Lyme Disease

The Power od Games to Heal – Jane McGonigal is a game designer, but she’s also a missionary promoting the power of games to help humanity in all sorts of ways. She is not just pushing her work on others, but because a video game she designed herself helped her get through a difficult concussion-induced part of her life, she’s a true believer!

For more info go to https://www.superbetter.com/

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Mayo Clinic Reveals Study on MS Which Supports Chronic Lyme Disease.

New research shows MS,  an auto-immune disease to likely be caused by another  infectious disease.  Could this be why so many people are diagnosed with MS and are later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease?

According to information released by Mayo Clinic last year, Dr. Claudia Lucchinetti, M.D., co-lead author of the study (which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine) shows startling results at odds with what was previously believed.

Researchers have not known precisely what causes MS, but it has traditionally been thought to be its own autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys its own myelin. Th e resulting symptoms are very similar to Lyme disease and can include blindness, numbness, paralysis, and thinking and memory problems.

“Our study shows the cortex is involved early in MS and may even be the initial target of disease,” says Claudia F. Lucchinetti, M.D. , co-lead author of the study and Mayo Clinic neurologist . “Inflammation in the cortex must be considered when investigating the causes and progression of MS”, she says.

Study authors say current therapeutic options may not even address issues associated with the cortex. Understanding how the cortex is involved, therefore, is critical to creating new therapies for MS. “Measures of cortical damage will enhance enormously the power of clinical trials to determine if new medications address tissue changes of MS in all regions of the brain,” says co-lead authorRichard Ransohoff, M.D. , a Cleveland Clinic neurologist.

These measures are important because disease accumulates in the cortex over time, and inflammation in the cortex is a sign the disease has progressed.

The research is distinct because it studied brain tissues from patients in the earliest stages of MS. “What’s unique about the study is, and the reason the National MS Society funded this international team of researchers, is that it offers a rare view of MS.” says Timothy Coetzee, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society . “Colloborative studies like this, that deepen our understanding of the sequence of nervous-system-damaging events, should offer new opportunities for stopping MS disease progression and improving quality of life for people with MS.”

The findings support the understanding that MS is primarily a disease of inflammation, not neurodegeneration, as some studies have recently suggested. Co-lead authors Drs. Lucchinetti and Ransohoff conclude that it is “overwhelmingly likely” that MS is fundamentally an inflammatory disease, and not a neurodegenerative Alzheimer-like disease.

Read the entire article at http://newsblog.mayoclinic.org/2011/12/05/ms-study/ and/or listen to this interview explaining the importance of this study via You Tube.

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