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The longer you suffer with chronic Lyme disease, the harder it becomes to battle the depression that follows such intense suffering.

You feel alone, but you aren’t.  We each have our unique Lyme soup of co-infections with varying symptoms and degrees of abilities participating in the life we had before our illness.

At first, you will cling to hope that there is a cure, but eventually like me, you will either be told, or figure out on your own through experimentation, that there is not currently a cure for chronic neurological Lyme disease.

Where does that leave us?

For many, suicide is the answer. There are not any hard facts on the number of suicides connected with Lyme disease but we know that any attempt to count would be grossly inaccurate due to the trouble diagnosing Lyme to begin with. However, we do know the number is significant.

Praying for death is the same despairing state of mind but fortunately keeps us in this world to support one another and hope for the discovery of a cure.

Unfortunately most of us feel so guilty about such dark thoughts that we keep them hidden. This desperate mental state and dark secret further alienates us from those who are in the best position to help; fellow-sufferers.

Reaching out to others is the best way to find comfort and hope.  Unlike people who don’t understand and constantly question the validity of our illness, there are thousands who DO understand and are happy to sympathize.

Facebook has many ways from small groups to large groups to stay connected to people who share your concerns.

Regardless of religious beliefs, Lyme sufferers need to have faith that a cure will be discovered, and we need to reach out to one another. The best way to do this while maintaining personal privacy is to join a forum. Search for the Lyme forum in your state using Google. Most of them are on Yahoo and some states have more than one.

TIP: With the Yahoo forums and most social media formats, you can sign up for a daily digest of posts to be emailed directly to you, which saves you from having to log-in to each group to participate.

2 Responses to Reach Out

  1. Dian Demmer says:

    Why is there never any mention of The Marshall Protocol? I owe my life to it…..would be bedridden by now or maybe worse if I had not discovered it three years ago. I realize it is controversial, but so are all the ones you give space to. Makes me doubt the rest of your blog!

    • Jenna says:

      Hi Dian –

      There is mention of the Marshall protocol in different places…I actually wrote an ebook that is available at no cost on under Lyme Combat V (Quantum HCL) written before the company changed names to Premier Research. I would love to post your story on my other blog if you would care to share it…send it to Success Stories are great for everyone!


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