Products for Chronic Lyme Disease

Below I list a dozen products that I consider to be essential for anyone with chronic Lyme disease.

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Below are products that I have been taking a long time and can’t imagine how much worse I would be without them.  Of course when I have a bad month financially, I have to leave out something…always a tough decision!

I am not a licensed medical practitioner, so I can’t give anyone medical advice.  However, I have had Lyme disease for so long that I can share my experience.

Right now, I am struggling with a terrible auto-immune disorder.  Your illness will certainly be very different, so always check new supplements with your medical provider.



To boost my immune system there are three products that are very important.  Two of these play a variety of roles in boosting energy, building strength and assisting with overall health.

1. .  PropaxNT – An amazing multi-vitamin with omega oils, minerals, and a generous amount of transfer factor which provides intelligence to the immune system in the following three ways:

  • It helps immune cells identify invading germs and other problems more quickly.
  • It helps speed up the immune system’s response to an invader after it’s been identified.
  • And, it lends a hand in remembering the specific makeup of each germ your immune system encounters, so the next time it comes around, your body knows exactly what it is, and what to do.

2. Quantum Gold 360 – Extraordinary combination of Chyavanprash (see Amla Royale), the ultimate ayurvedic adaptogenti tonic (the only grade 10 quality ever exported to the US) and the rare and secret master formula from an ancient Korean medical text (only given to royalty) that stated that those who took this formula daily for at least 27 years could live a significantly increased long life. This formula’s natural source of stem cells is a key component of its premier anti-aging properties.

Contains the combined herbal mastery of both Ayurvedic and Oriental Medical Science over their 5000 year history, yielding this time-proven herbal masterpiece.

Broad-spectrum, proven adaptogenic, anti-aging herbs to support every aspect of human anatomy and physiology, including immunity, brain & hypothalmus function, hormone balance, digestion, stamina, endurance and overall well being.

3. Medicinal Mushrooms – AHCC is the acronym for “Active Hexose Correlated Compound.” AHCC is clinically proven as an effective immune booster and utilizes an organic blend of medicinal mushrooms including Shitake, all grown in Japan.* AHCC has been shown to significantly increase immune response* by promoting enhanced macrophage and T-cell activity* and maintaining peak Natural Killer (NK) cell function.* With published research demonstrating AHCC’s ability to increase quality of life parameters for people with health challenges, it is no wonder over 700 hospitals and medical centers worldwide recommend AHCC as part of an ongoing immune enhancement program.*. The IAGEN Biologics brand stands apart by using 1,000 mg of proprietary AHCC per maximum strength vegetarian tablet.

  • Promotes increased immune system function, especially NK cells*; More powerful than all competing brands.
  • Is a Biological Response Modifier, a class of compounds that includes Super Foods (foods that heal rather than kill)*
  • Anti-Inflammatory actions*
  • Enhance liver function*
  • Four times the potency of other brands means less pills to swallow.

4.  Aloe Arborescens – In this era of ever diminishing good health, there comes a magnificent rescue – aloe arborescens, the ultimate in supreme immune support. Deca Aloe Arborescens U.S. LP manufactures this proprietary Aloe Arborescens Dietary Supplement using the Brazilian juice recipe internationally acclaimed by Father Romano Zago of Brazil. This Brazilian recipe consists of Whole leaf Aloe Arborescens juice, unheated raw honey, and 1% certified organic alcohol. The product aids the body’s defenses by supplying supreme immune support and general cleansing for the whole body for sufferers of chronic health complications, those who want to ward off diseases, achieve optimal health, and increase energy and vitality.  

Recent studies administered by the Palatinin Salzano Venezia Institute in Italy have discovered that Aloe arborescens is 200% richer in medicinal substances that Aloe Vera and contains more than 70% of anti-cancerogenous properties (active ingredients) as opposed to Aloe Vera, which contains 40% of these properties. 



5. Royal Power by North American Herb & Spice contains premium-grade royal jelly along with wild rosemary and wild sage, as well as camu camu (a natural form of real vitamin C. This is the only 100% undiluted royal jelly concentrate available.

  • Royal Power is a natural source of concentrated B vitamins.
  • It is a good source of natural vitamin C.
  • This is the only scientifically fortified, full-strength royal jelly available.
  • Non-GMO and pure.

6. Fatigue to Fantastic Daily Energy B Complex – Fatigued to Fantastic!® Daily Energy B Complex features essential B vitamins and choline to support endurance and energy, and help maintain mental alertness when experiencing fatigue. B vitamins are water soluble and must be replenished daily for the body to operate at peak energy. This ultimate-strength formula contains the vitamin B complex necessary for healthy function of blood, brain, and nerve cells which are vital for sustained energy.

7. Quantum Green Powder – Quantum Greens Mix Powder benefits:

  • Nature’s most advanced plant foods for great health, wellness and DNA rejuvenation; contains every nutrient essential for life.
  • Helps increase energy and fat metabolism.
  • Promotes healthy digestion, cleansing and better stress management.



Biofilms have been recently discovered as one of the key biological roadblocks to curing many chronic diseases.

As in neurological Lyme disease, the biofilm is believed to be constructed of actual bits and pieces of our myelin sheath which covers and protects our actual nerves that make up our central nervous system.

So when the immune system calls for killer cells to destroy the invaders, our immune system can actually attack our central nervous system trying to break through the biofilm and destroy the infection which they cannot do.

This understanding has opened up a whole new world in the ability for scientists and medical doctors to understand and treat chronic Lyme disease.

There are many different types of systemic enzymes, that are found especially useful for certain conditions.  However they are particularly hard to get to be absorbed deeply enough into the body to destroy the deepest biofilms, so just any product will not work.

Most recently Dr. Eva Sapi recommends Samento and Banderol extract which she has found to destroy infections (including Bb) and dissolve biofilms in a lab environment.  Watch

 Read more about biofilms on this blog:

8.  Banderol

9.  Samento

The three most effective enzymes for chronic Lyme disease are:

10. LumbrokinaseRead blog post on Lumbrokinase here.


11. NattokinaseRead blog post on Nattokinase here.


12. SerrapeptaseRead blog post on Serrapeptase here.



13. GABA – (which stands for Gama Amino Butyric Acid) is the Body’s Natural muscle relaxant, tranquilizer, and nerve calmer. As Melatonin is the body’s natural sleeping agent. GABA is the body’s natural stress reliever and muscle relaxant.

Scientific research shows that GABA inhibits the cells (in the limbic system) from firing, diminishing the rapid messages reaching the frontal cortex. This controlled neuro transmission allows the cortex to communicate with the limbic system and the rest of the brain in an orderly manner.

GABA is an essential inhibitor in the central nervous system that aids control of pain and anxiety.

14.  Apple Polyphenols – Medical science confirms it (as you will read on their website) but the real proof is in how you feel! Apple Poly is a much more potent antioxidant than Vitamin E.  And it is 18 times stronger than Vitamin C in new lab tests.  And it is proven to powerfully stimulate the activity of your own body’s age-and-disease-fighting defenses.


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