2014-05-30 Battling Lyme disease – Power & Politics Canada, US and UK

Nicole was amazing to hold it together through this interview!

Nicole’s struggle with Lyme disease and Elizabeth May hopes her private members bill becomes law. As seen on Power & Politics (could not be a more fitting title for this interview).

Property and Copyright
CBC News – Power & Politics

Posted here only for the purpose of education and raising awareness.

*Missing the first few seconds, I inserted (using the original YouTube clip) at the beginning in order to make it complete. You can see the obvious transition at the beginning.


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A Boost For When You Are Feeling Down

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Yolanda Foster Shares About Her Chronic Neuro-Borreliosis

Listen to Yolanda Foster from “Beverly Hills Housewives” share her story of being diagnosed and finding a treatment for chronic Lyme disease:

 Yolanda Foster talks about Lyme Disease and her Lyme Disease Treatment over the past few months. The LRA or Lyme Research Alliance held a GALA event in Connecticut on April 6th to announce an award to Yolanda. She experienced joint pain, insomnia, and other lyme symptoms and even said it felt like an infection in her brain. Yolanda was treated at Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Palm Harbor, Fl as a referral from Suzanne Somers. |http://http://sponauglewellness.com/w… | Natural Lyme Treatment | Sponaugle Wellness Institute, 32815 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL 34684 | 888-775-2770

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Dr. Sapi Interviewed on WTIC Fox 61 About Biofilms

WTIC Fox 61, Dec.11, 2013: Dr. Eva Sapi, member of UNH’s biology and environmental science department talks about the biofilm produced by Borrelia bergdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Footage courtesy of WTIC Fox 61. For more information about the University of New Haven, visit http://www.newhaven.edu. Also interviewed is Phylis Mervine, the founder of LymeDisease.org.

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Chronic Lyme Disease – Conversation Live! Part Two

Part Two is far better than Part One – you can see that the director of the show put more effort into getting better facts.

Each year an estimated three hundred thousand Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease. If the diagnosis is confirmed early enough, the disease can be treated with short-term antibiotics. But if Lyme goes untreated, symptoms can progress. On Conversations LIVE our panel of experts continued our discussion on Lyme disease with a focus on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in humans.

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Chronic Lyme Disease Discussed on Conversation Live! Part One

This production is not as good as Part 2 but there are some interesting facts mixed in with totally wrong information. Good example of how confusing the CDC’s reporting is for everyone.  Some of the statements given as fact are in fact not proven.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that three hundred thousand Americans contract Lyme disease every year, and the number of infections is growing. Contrary to popular belief, ticks transmit disease 12 months of the year, especially during winter! What can YOU do to prevent the tick-borne disease? On the next Conversations LIVE our experts will talk about preventing and treating Lyme disease.

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Try Laughter Yoga to Feel Better Consistently!

A clear, simple, introduction to laughter yoga with Robert Rivest, CLYT. More info and videos at: http://robertrivest.com

Robert explains: What laughter Yoga is, Why you should do Laughter Yoga and How to do Laughter Yoga! Includes: “The 5 Key Points of Laughter Yoga”, “The 3 Reasons to Practice laughter Yoga” & “The 4 Steps of Laughter Yoga” More info and videos at: http://robertrivest.com/

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Mindful Meditation and Creative Tai- Chihttp://www.robertrivest.com/mindfulness/

Laughter Yoga combines interactive laughter exercises with deep centering breaths and calming movements. It is based on scientific studies that show that the body can not tell the difference between “real” or “fake” laughter, you get the same health benefits to your body and mind.

Laughter Yoga is simply bringing people together as a group with belly laughs, belly breaths and light playful movement. It can be performed gently (in a chair if needed) or standing and moving throughout the room with full energy and enthusiasm!

All Laughter Yoga movements can be adapted for EVERY BODY!
No yoga mats or flexibility needed!

Robert Rivest’s Laughter Yoga programs for health, wellness and stress relief help people of all ages feel healthier, happier, and have much more energy!

How does it work? Laughter is initiated in a group with full body laughter exercises, clapping, eye contact and youthful playfulness. The “simulated” laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter that brings more oxygen to our body and brain, lifting our spirits and carrying over into our work, school and everyday lives.
In 1995 Dr. Madan Kataria, a Physician from Mumbai, India, launched the first Laughter Club with merely a handful of people. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 6000 Social Laughter Clubs in over 60 countries.

In Laughter Yoga Clubs, Laughter is joyfully simulated in a group with full body laughter exercises/games and childlike playfulness. The “simulated” laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter that lifts our spirits and carries over into our every day lives

Laughter Yoga is based on a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between laughter exercises and real laughter. Anyone can Laugh for No Reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy and get the same physiological and psychological benefits (boosts immune system, releases endorphins, increases oxygen intake, decreases stress hormones, creates a joyful connection with others, and enables you to laugh more easily at life’s travails).

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Dr Rick Sponaugle Interviews Recovered Client

Dr. Rick Sponaugle, Medical Director of Sponaugle Wellness Institute, explains the brain science of Lyme disease to Jennifer, a Lyme patient from Virginia. Jennifer states that her depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are gone after 7 weeks of Lyme treatment at Sponaugle Wellness.

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Interview Excerpt with “Under Our Skin” Director Andy Abrahams Wilson

Watch the entire interview with “Under Our Skin” Director Andy Abrahams Wilson at Lyme Less Live ore:http://lymelesslivemore.com

Excerpt from Andy Abrahams Wilsonl’s interview with Brent Martin and Dana Walsh (“Under Our Skin”) in Lyme Less Live More. The making of “Under Our Skin” was no small task.

With over 400 hours of footage, Andy Abrahams Wilson and his team spent years developing the story. In this ground-breaking interview, he will reveal the overarching similarities and the key aspects in those that recover. 

Watch the entire interview at Lyme Less Live More:

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Lyme Disease Continues to Grow in Canada.

Jim Wilson President of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation speaks about Lyme disease.
Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in North America.

Disease carrying ticks are becoming more and more prevalent in Canada and are on the move. These ticks are transported randomly throughout Canada by our friendly migratory birds that can also harbor Lyme disease and other diseases in their blood.

Lyme disease can cause long‐term health issues if not identified and treated early. It can affect the brain, eyesight, hearing, heart, nervous system, muscles, joints, digestive tract, and lymph nodes.

Lyme disease has been misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), several forms of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, bowel disorders, and many other diagnoses.

Ticks can be found in your lawn, in tall grass or brush, on logs or woodpiles. Pets can carry ticks into your home.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has found ticks carrying Lyme disease throughout the southern portion of the province including the Vancouver area, Victoria, the Okanagan, and the Kootenays.

For more information visit the website canlyme.com

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PBS Publishes Dramatically Revised CDC Report on Lyme Disease Statistics

PBS Aired on Aug 20, 2013
A new report from the Centers for Disease Control says 300,000 Americans contract Lyme disease each year, 10 times the amount previously believed by health officials. To examine the significance of this finding Jeffrey Brown speaks with Beth Daley, who has been investigating the disease and its impact for the Boston Globe. See full story at http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/july-dec13/lyme_08-20.html

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Expert Explains Prevailing Myths About Lyme Disease Part Two

Published on Aug 22, 2013
This is a 30 minute video with Dr. Alan MacDonald, a retired M.D. and board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. This revealing interview from May 2013 (part 2 of 3) covers many misunderstandings associated with Lyme disease.

Brains and eyes as infection sanctuary sites
Cloaking of spirochetes in complementary proteins
Borrelia lifeforms: biofilms, communities, persisters, liposomes
Syphilis spirochetes and similarities
Spirochetes similar in biofunction as sperm
Anatomy of a tick assault
Six ways of evading the human immune system
The CDC and Borrelia biofilms
Atomic force microscopy: confirms Borrelia biofilms
101 strains of Borrelia, 150 global genotypes
Babesiosis types
Why strain variation makes testing inaccurate

The complete interview is available on DVD from The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation. Please offer an any-sized, tax deductible donation at this link:


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Bacterial Attack Models That Cause Chronic Lyme Disease

Published on Jul 21, 2013
Cystic Borrelia are under-appreciated in borrelia biology. This full-length lecture discusses the formation of Cystic Borrelia, and the pathological effects in the human body which are associated with chronic Lyme disease, especially in the brain. Congential hydrocephalus caused by gestational borreliosis [ 3 cases in world literature ] are also reviewed in detail by expert Dr. Alan MacDonald.

Discussion of the possibility of motility in Cystic borrelia is correlated with Electron Microscopy of borrelia Cystic forms. The String of Pearls form of borrelia is illustrated, and the identification of Borrelia String of Pearls forms in human blood by Professor Morten Laane is illustrated. Round bodies associated with various Neurodegenerative Disorders in the Human [ ALS, Parkinson’s, Cortical Lewy body Dementia. CorticoBasal Degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, FrontoTemporal Dementia] are correlated with parallel observations of Round Body Borrelia invading human brain neurons in a case of Alzheimer’s disease. A new paradigm of Round body Neuropathology is suggested for further study as evidence of Invasive Cystic borrelia microbes. This Paradigm would shift the classification of Neurodegenerative disorders containing Round Intra-neuronal bodies from idiopathic in cause to chronic Lyme disease and infectious diseases of the human brain.

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Shapeshifting Lyme Bacteria Part One

Published on Jul 17, 2013
Spirochetes are expected to present as spiral or corkscrew shaped profiles.

This idea comes from Textbook depictions. Spiral profiles are, in fact, only ONE form of many other Alternate PERFECT spirochetal Forms ; These Include Round body spirochetes [Cystic spirochetes], Granular dot like spirochetes, Biofilm Community Spirochetes, and Liposomal [bleb-like] Spirochetes.
All of the Above Spirochetes are PERFECT.
All of the Above Spirochetes are capable of producing injury in the human host.
Shapeshifting is an adaptation of the Spirochetes to survival in adverse conditions.
All Non-Spiral spirochetes are capable of regenerating the spiral form depicted in textbooks.

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Frightening Biology of Lyme Disease

Published on Jul 20, 2013
This is a 30 minute video with Dr. Alan MacDonald, a retired M.D. and board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. This revealing interview from May 2013 (1 of 3) covers many of the controversies associated with Lyme disease:

– Chronic lyme disease;
– Alzheimer’s and Lyme disease: microscopy and culturing brain tissue;
– How Borrelia changes and survives within the human host;
– The many strains and variations in Borrelia, how this relates to flawed testing.

The complete interview is available from The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation. Contribute an any-sized donation (more if outside the U.S.) at this link:


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Treatments For Neurological Lyme Disease

Antibiotics seem to be the most successful treatment for neurological Lyme disease. However there are many alternative treatments that can be utilized in addition to herbal or pharmaceutical treatments.  This 11 minute video is interesting and very inspirational.

We need to stop seeing ourselves as victims of a terrible disease, and see ourselves as recovering.  “I AM” is an easy tool to fight the depression, victimization and hopelessness that comes with neurological Lyme disease.  “I AM” … These words are tremendously powerful! Be careful what you put after them, for surely you they can create happiness or misery.

Published on Apr 7, 2013
You can purchase/listen to the full version of this video at http://www.audioenlightenment.com/ – (I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!) They have over 474 Audio Lectures & hundreds of spiritual and metaphysical books available for your listening pleasure. Membership is $9.95/month

To help YouAreCreators purchase their dream, please visit our special blog: http://youarecreators.blogspot.com/ and click the “donate” button located on the leftside of the page.


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Never Give Up

Neuro-Lyme can cause obesity due to lack of motor skills and neurological pain in all joints leaving many of us bedridden and acutely depressed – so much so that suicide is the number one cause of death (that we know of currently) in Lyme disease.

What can we do?

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