Heather Needs Our Help – Now It’s Too Late

Updated August 1, 2014 with sorrow Soon after I published this, Heather Askeland took her own life due to her desperate physical and financial situation. Instead of removing the video, I felt that Heather’s death could potentially help someone suffering with these issues. Suicide is not the answer. However for some, it appears to be the only path out of misery and pain…these poor souls deserve our compassion. Shame on the medical community and insurance companies that put so many people in this horrible situation. Published on Apr 10, 2014 by Heather Askeland “I am desperately ill with Lyme disease, am homeless and have no family willing to help. This is, unfortunately, a life or death situation. I need an angel to come forward and help me save my life. PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY. please.” For more info about who I am, google “Heather Askeland poetry.” My previous youtube channel is “heiwalove,” which has my Lyme story on it (recorded when I was doing much better). Heather was asking for an angel…she is with the angels now.

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  1. michele dias says:

    Recently, I read a Facebook post concerning a popular soccer athlete going to Germany for hyper-thermia treatment for Lyme. Our current political climate enables financial interests to dictate medical practice. When treatment guidelines are established to protect profits of insurance companies, and not the health and well being of Lyme patients, our government has failed us. Doctors are reduced to lies and quackery to protect their licenses and standard of life. When diagnosis and treatment is only afforded the rich and famous, our basic rights as citizens have been compromised. Heather’s death is a direct result of the deplorable acts of the insurance companies, the CDC, the FDA and doctors and hospitals who refuse to treat us. For shame.

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