Jenna Smith
Lyme Disease Resource
Paris Hill Road
Paris, ME 04271

Email: jenna (at)

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  1. fran says:

    HI Jenna, I live in Aust and was wondering were you got your Rife Machine from as I have Lymes and need to get something that will work for me. Kind Regards Fran

    • Jenna says:

      There are machines on Ebay, Amazon and some forums post classified ads for used equipment. Energy Generators (as they are required to be called due to legal issues) are very helpful for some but not helpful for others. I have tried many, many alternative treatments but have ultimately found a path to full recovery using a combination of alternative and large oral doses of antibiotics. My ebook detailing my strategy will be released soon.

      Blessings Fran!

  2. alke says:

    Did you go to Sierra Integrative? And if so, what was your experience?Thanks

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