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NBC and SELF magazine reported on chronic Lyme disease

This story was published 2 years ago with a few important points that continue to fuel the medical debate.  Media and researchers confirm that Lyme has been reported in all 50 states but medical doctors refuse to admit people are being infected in all 50 states. Also, the first tier to diagnose Lyme disease is with the ELISA antibody test, some sources report up to 50 and even as high as 75% false negatives (depending on the time of year) and as low as 20 – 30% as presented here (the truth is anyone’s guess as there is no 100% reliable test available as of now, August 2014.)

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Yolanda Foster Shares About Her Chronic Neuro-Borreliosis

Listen to Yolanda Foster from “Beverly Hills Housewives” share her story of being diagnosed and finding a treatment for chronic Lyme disease:

 Yolanda Foster talks about Lyme Disease and her Lyme Disease Treatment over the past few months. The LRA or Lyme Research Alliance held a GALA event in Connecticut on April 6th to announce an award to Yolanda. She experienced joint pain, insomnia, and other lyme symptoms and even said it felt like an infection in her brain. Yolanda was treated at Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Palm Harbor, Fl as a referral from Suzanne Somers. |http://… | Natural Lyme Treatment | Sponaugle Wellness Institute, 32815 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL 34684 | 888-775-2770

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1 Million New Lyme Cases in Germany in 2012

Published on Nov 28, 2012

Much recently reported at a 2012 ILADS conference, Dr. Alan MacDonald the discoverer of biofilms with Lyme disease, announced that there had been 1 million new cases of Lyme disease in Germany for 2012. Now let’s sit back and just digest that for a moment.

1 million new cases, just for the year of 2012!!! Why isn’t this being talked about in the news, instead of just being talked about on blogs and forums. The media is so willing to report about West Nile Virus, but yet when it comes to Lyme disease I never see anything about it on CNN or MSNBC, and any of the other news stations.

And I love when doctors and people suggest that it’s not that big of a deal due to a low death rate. If the suicides due to the disease along with organ failures were recorded, I guarantee the death rate would be a lot more than West Nile virus. Not to mention the financial strain it’s putting on families, this disease will drain your bank account!

The IDSA reports that 30,000 to 40,000 new cases appear in the US each year. They have admitted that due to inaccurate collection of statistics, that the cases are 10 to 12 times that. The doctors that work for the IDSA are educated people, well since they are educated why don’t they change the way they collect statistics. I just recently read how my own state Michigan collect statistics, all the loops you have to jump through to get recorded is ridiculous.…

None of the people in my region of the state are even getting recorded, just this past year in 2011, not one case was recorded in southeastern Michigan.……

Yet when I talk to friends and family, I know almost a dozen of people that have had it or are still dealing with it right now. One friend actually got bit on Harsens Island and went blind for a period of time, but eventually he got better and regained his eyesight. Not everyone is so lucky, especially when you can’t even find the right treatment you need for the disease. There are only 4-5 Lyme literate doctors in the state of Michigan, so when you get bit you can bet that you’re gonna be on a waiting list for a while.

And not only are the collection of statistics screwed up, but the official Lyme disease test doctors use only looks for one strain of Borrelia bacteria, which doesn’t account for the other strains, which some say there are up to 100 different Borrelia strains out there. It’s obvious we have a big problem on our hands, along with the other bacteria that is becoming resistant to antibiotics.

What we need is a more accurate test and educate doctors about the disease. In my region estate I went to 10 different doctors and emergency rooms, not one of them suggested testing for Lyme disease. All the doctors suggested that they tested me for everything, when that statement was totally untrue. It’s obvious the healthcare system is failing and change needs to happen!

I just can’t imagine how many people are walking around with the disease and they don’t even know it. Anyways I hope this video has helped educate you a little about Lyme disease and stay tune for more unregulated information from the Covert Chronicle.

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Biological Weapons Have Gotten Loose in America


MICROBIOLOGIST GARTH NICOLSON interview, (Sudbury, Ontario Aug. 30, 2008).
Will YOUR doctor tell you about weaponized mycoplasma? About engineered mycoplasma pathogens in vaccines? Or will he or she treat your symptoms, hook you up for life (or death) on high-priced (and often dangerous) drugs?

What’s the real story of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, AIDS and other degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Crohns, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Lupus, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes (type one) and MANY others?

If your doctor doesn’t know about (or isn’t CURIOUS about) US chemical & biological warfare, Operation Paperclip, MKNAOMI, MKDELTA, Texas prison inmates being used as guinea pigs to test genetically engineered pathogens (mycoplasma fermentans incognitus), then get another doctor. You can’t afford not to know what Dr. Nicolson is carefully, cautiously, telling us.

Nicolson was a speaker at the 9th Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference, Sudbury Canada (Aug 29-31, 2008).

GARTH NICOLSON is a whistle-blower. The kind that movies won’t be made about because the conspiracy is huge, on-going, and reaches to the top. It reveals a key element (a silent weapon) in the quiet war on the ‘lower orders.’

But SURELY parents (and grandparents) want to know – for starters – what’s going on with vaccines their children are forced to take by the Benevolent Homeland.

This video is subtitled, ‘Who’s killing us, and how?’ The title avoids the question,’why?’ Garth Nicolson, PhD, avers it’s for money, greed. Surely, that’s a big part of it.

Dr. Nicolson is the President, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California. Born in 1943 in Los Angeles, Dr. Nicolson received his B.S. in Chemistry from University of California at Los Angeles in 1965 and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California at San Diego in 1970. He is currently Professor of Integrative Medicine at Capitol University of Integrative Medicine and a Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle (Australia). He was formally the David Bruton Jr. Chair in Cancer Research and Professor and Chairman of the Department of Tumor Biology at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and he was Professor of Internal Medicine and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. He was also Professor of Comparative Pathology at Texas A & M University. Among the most cited scientists in the world, Professor Nicolson has published over 550 medical and scientific papers (including 3 Current Contents Citation Classics), edited 14 books, served on the Editorial Boards of 20 medical and scientific journals and is currently serving as Editor of two (Clinical & Experimental Metastasis and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry). Professor Nicolson has received peer-reviewed research grants from the U. S. Army, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society and the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Dr. Garth Nicolson has won many awards, such as the Burroughs Wellcome Medal of the Royal Society of Medicine (United Kingdom), Stephen Paget Award of the Metastasis Research Society, the U. S. National Cancer Institute Outstanding Investigator Award, and the Innovative Medicine Award of Canada. He is also a Colonel (Honorary) of the U. S. Army Special Forces and a U. S. Navy SEAL (Honorary) for his work on Armed Forces and veterans illnesses.

For interview transcript, see snowshoefilms website. See also Dr. Nicolson’s book, Project Day Lily and William L.C.Scott and Donald W.Scott’s magnificent book, AIDS: The Crime Beyond Belief.


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Near Death by Vlog

I live with horrible pain, flu-like symptoms and cognitive disorders 24×7, due to Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease.

People may see me on a video and think, “Wow! She doesn’t LOOK sick!” But they have no idea how trying to think, talk and articulate for just a few minutes sends me into unfathomable agony!

It just makes me so angry that I can’t do the littlest things without feeling like I am being beat by baseball bats and dragged by a truck!   Not fair!

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Lyme Disease: Four Days in Hospital (Pancreas/Nervous System)

httpv:// Four days in hospital for Lyme Disease I contracted twenty years ago. Sad that I almost had to die to get the treatment I needed. My battle wounds (which were thought to have been the real problem) have mostly healed… it was Lyme disease that had me down and almost killed me via my Pancreas and Nervous System. I am doing so much better now that I finally have the proper medication and know what I am fighting against.

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Sublymation’s Lyme Vlog #4 (Symptom Summary Part 1/3)

httpv:// Here is a basic l ist of my symptoms. I had to split my "part 1" in two parts because I talk too much. Lol. I didn’t get to finish my video because my camera battery died, and I was feeling too bad to make the part 2 (will be part 3 here on youtube). I have been feeling pretty crappy the past few days, and I decided to take advantage of this time of feeling not quite to bad to post this. I wish I could bombard y’all with the information I want to, but being really sick has this strange way of slowing me down.

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A Tribute to Duffy

httpv:// This is a tribute to my Westie Duffy put together by my daughter Patricia. Duffy passed away in March due to complications for Lyme Disease. He was the best! Thank you Tricia.

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Chronic Lyme: My Story (Pt. 1)

httpv:// Hi! This is the story of my battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. I know it’s long, but I really can’t make it shorter without taking my emotions away from it. I would love comments, but if you’re going to post negative comments then I’d rather you move on to another video.

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Sublymation’s Lyme Vlog #17 (Update Pancreas & Gallbladder Look Normal, Hope Those Stay That Way!) )

httpv:// No gallstones (didn’t think so), and pancreas doesn’t show obvious inflammation as of this afternoon. Ya! The radiologist wants to compare it to an Ultra Sound I had last Dec on my abdomen, but lookin’ good so far. Best guess is I had pancreatic inflammation from the infection (happens with Lyme) and possible boosted immune system related issues -will probably never know for sure. As long as it’s kept under control (like all my other yucky symptoms), I should be in the clear. *crossed fingers* I have been doing better overall, so this sudden downturn has hit hard. Besides all the probably pancreatic pain (severe severe pain), I have had much more arthritic pain, bone & muscle pain, and a bad headache lasting over a day that felt like (as best as I could figure) encephalitis –didn’t feel like the migraines I now get but is still very painful and feels like the back of my neck and head are rupturing or something. :-/ Needed to put that in the video. Crap. Guess I’ll make a quick one on Lyme encephalitis….need to get that out there….

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