Achieve While You Recover

Having neurological Lyme disease has been devastating financially as well as emotionally and physically.

Throughout the ups and downs of the disease, the internet has been my salvation – allowing me to get support from other sufferers and eventually allowing me to extend a helping hand too.

The beautiful silver lining of this horrible disease is the wonderful friendships that are forged through the shared experience of Lyme.

Some people are still able to work with their disease, but I have been forced by circumstance to find ways to earn money on the internet. The best method for people who either can’t work full time or don’t want to is through affiliate sales. Simply put, companies pay affiliate commissions on their products.

For me, I never recommend a product that I have not tried or been given very high recommendations, and I try to find the best values to pass on which makes it a win/win situation.

Cultivate Focus

As you know, Lyme disease is a life changing disease, and if you were disorganized before, it is so, so much harder to be organized now.  Try this to get back on track:

“Easy Organizer”

Give it a go when you feel like your brain fog is getting the best of you.

Another life changing program based on “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction” which I absolutely love which is called:

“Forgotten Laws”

It is not some phoney baloney hyped up scam, it is a thoughtful, spiritual and practical program designed to help anyone overcome obstacles of any kind in their life.  Perfect for Lymies – to help build up our self confidence and help us get our hope in our future stimulated.  We are not victims!

There is a program I use to build my websites to try to earn extra money on the internet called:

“XSite Pro”

I bought it back when I first got sick in 2007 and found that compared to custom websites it was very reasonable of course now there are so many more options!  It is fairly sophisticated, but you can go very slow (as I do) and the training is all done by video so you can watch them over and over again if you need to (which I still need to).  Be careful when looking for opportunities on the internet.  There are some very unscrupulous people out there!  They will sell you a product that is free somewhere else, in fact Google has almost every tool you need to succeed with internet marketing for free.

Set Realistic Goals

First, be realistic about your expectations. You are sick, and it takes a lot of hard work to make money even when you are in the best of health.

If you focus on quality and honesty, you will succeed eventually.  For me, the most important thing is quality information, but for some it might be a genuine passion for a particular product or hobby.

What skills do you have?

There are many opportunities to manage projects from home at your own speed.

There are many freelance websites that allows you to bid on projects – both price and time – giving you flexibility to earn money without the usual pressures., and are just a few of hundreds.  Whatever you did before your crash, you may be able to use those skills to make money at home.

Set up a page with your skill sets and choose to  price by the job rather than hourly.  Tell your story to your prospect to explain why you need more time. You’d be surprised at how much people enjoy helping others when they are given the opportunity.

Some of the categories are:

* design and multi-media
* web and programming
* writing and translation
* sales and marketing
* finance and mgt.
* legal
* data entry

Just because you are in your jamies and you haven’t showered or shaved in days doesn’t mean that you can’t pitch a job.  Nobody will see you.  As far as they know you are in a high rise office building.  Picture yourself there and have confidence that you can still do something.  It will help enormously with your self-worth if nothing else.


Now if you are really ambitious, perhaps you would be interested in building a website.

It used to be that you would need a webmaster or lots of money to hire someone, but times have completely changed now.

There are systems that are designed for people with no experience, and if you are desperate and willing to work hard you might try:

“Bring Fresh”

Bring Fresh was developed in 2012 by a very famous entrepreneur who made and lost a fortune and has come up with this latest program to help people who are struggling in this difficult economy.  The program takes you by the hand and coaches you every step of the way.

Now if you need the independence to think things through slowly and have a dream you want to pursue, it is possible to have a website up and running for under $75.  WordPress (which is the platform I suggest) is free as are most all themes and plug-ins – you just need a domain which is under $10 (I use GoDaddy – get 20% off with this link) , hosting which is under $15 (I use HostGator) and some guidance.  The best course by far is:

“Blogging to the Bank”

It’s a funny name for a very systematic course taught by a successful blogger who has created hundreds of other successful bloggers…not sick with Lyme disease, but the course is designed to take at your own pace and I am embarrassed to tell you that the course is a fraction of the cost that I paid when I started this blog!

What is nice about blogging is that you can write about a passion you can’t enjoy now due to your illness and still feel connected, or blog about Lyme like I do.  And you just keep blogging away…no deadlines or stress about anything technical – it’s easy and fun!

No matter which way you decide to go, if you decide to start an online business, your success will rise and fall on the traffic that you can generate.  It is all a numbers game.  So first, learn about outsourcing – especially if you struggle with Lyme fog.

There is a great ebook:

“Outsource Your Internet Business”

In it you will learn all kinds of excellent business practices that will save you money and make you money.  For instance, there is an amazing website called

There is also an amazing software system that is very affordable that works non-stop building back-links on social media sites which would take you hours to do manually. Check it out:

“Done For You”

We are sick, some of us very close to death, but we are not dead yet!  So while we are alive and fighting the horrible symptoms this disease brings, perhaps we can turn our tears to smiles when we can finally afford that special protocol we’ve been dreaming of – or help a friend who is even worse shape.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the huge opportunity in the cell phone marketing industry which is red hot and growing beyond our wildest dreams!

There is a program that shows you step by step how to enter this expanding market.  It is the Wild West for business marketing:

“Cell Phone Cash”

We don’t need any more darkness or stress in our lives so it is critical to be sure that there is a clear understanding before taking on any project that it is OK to sleep 3 days in a row if you need to, or resent the obligation one day while being thrilled the next day.

Have Fun!

It is imperative!

Stress feeds our disease so don’t bite off more than you can chew.  But if you need money, you can plan an internet business around the ups and downs of Lyme to improve your self esteem, finances and conquer your depression.

For me it has taken years of spending money to build my blogs and websites – money I should probably have spent on other things.  But all of you who have become my extended family are sometimes the reason I get my feet on the floor (or my eyes open) so, thank you and …

Bless You. (click)


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