Victoria's Protocol


Victoria is a very courageous young girl who lost several years of her childhoodto the devastating symptoms of neurological Lyme.  While she was slowly dying hooked up to IV machines at Boston Children's Hospital, without any hope or meaningful diagnosis, Victoria's parents bravely took her off the IVs, and took her to an LLD who diagnosed her with severe Neuroborreliosis, and began a new natural protocol that helped her tremendously and is detailed below.


Although Victoria enjoyed a year of pain free remission, she was never able to get out of her wheelchair or speak or eat like a normal child.  But she was always full of hope and inspiration to those around her.  In spite of her current relapse, Victoria and her parents are eager to share this natural protocol for fighting Lyme.


1. Mangosteen Juice aka: Xango.     8oz/day


2.  Parablast(EYI companies). Parablast completely gets rid of parasites(protozoa,roundworms,tapeworms). Three bottles to start (1/2 oz at

bedtime with juice) and one bottle annually. 


3.  Agrisept(EYI companies). Destroy all fungus (Candida...) with 5 drops 3Xday.


4.  BioAssimilation(Bio Active Nutritional). This product is formulated to

assist your body in the maximum digestion of nutrients, production of energy

and aid in immune support(I read the bottle for you!) Basically it gets your

intestines doing what they are supposed to do effectively. One 3Xday (with food)


5. Barleans Organic flaxseed oil. 1oz per day.


6.  Burbur, Samento, Cumanda(Nutrimedix Company). The Burbur detox is started first...10drops 2X per day in 2-3oz of water.


After one week you start Samento very slowly - start with 1drop in 2-3oz of water on the first day. You slowly build up to 15 drops a day. (for 9 months)  


 Cumanda also should be started after 1 week and you start with 5

drops 2x/day for the first week  and then 10 drops 2X/day(6-9 months).



7. A very good vitamin protocal is essential(I believe this although some

would beg to differ). Right now Victoria is taking Organic Life Vitamins by

Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality. Her minerals and amino acids were very low

because of  the Lyme.


8. Stemcell Enhance and StemFlo(StemTech HealthSciences, Inc.) I give her 6

capsules 3x/day. StemFlo is brand new and looks to be an amazing product.

The Lyme causes your blood vessels to produce extra fibren  which makes it

harder for remedies or antibiotics to travel through to attack the bacteria.

This is a very smart bacteria. StemFlo seems wonderful...research it and see

what you think. This was another company I had to join to get it cheaper.


I feed Victoria as healthy as possible(as much organic as I can afford). No

sugar if possible because I am sure you know the bacteria loves sugar.

Increased water intake is essential. As much as you can tolerate to pee out

all the toxins and junk. Just have a water bottle going constantly.


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