Avoid Side Effects with Transdermal Application of Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Transdermal MMS is sanctioned by Jim Humble,(inventor of MMS.)  The following protocol has been compliled and presented by Jim Smith.

Jim rewrote the trandermal cancer protocol to this MMS transdermal protocol.   He knew that taking medicines transdermally has benefits, usually more of the medicine is absorbed by the body and less side effects.

This is a single dose recipeand should be repeated throughout the day until the desired amount of drops of MMS have been taken.

Keep in mind, the number of drops of MMS below should be adjusted to what you are now taking.

To use MMS transdermally, you will need to purchase DMSO and MSM powder. Links to purchase:



Taking Chlorine Dixoide: Oral or Transdermal?

Vitamin C, other antioxidants and immune builders, should not be taken during the same time periods as MMS/Chlorine Dioxide. This is good advice. Allow 2 hours after using MMS.

However, most websites recommend chlorine dioxide be taken orally. When taken orally, the treatment can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. The side-effects are so severe it can take many weeks for a patient to build up to a therapeutic dose. These side-effects only happen if you take this treatment orally. It is the stomach which is causing these side-effects. If you take this treatment transdermally, meaning through the skin; the stomach, and its side-effects, can be totally avoided.

Due to the volume of chlorine dioxide which will be taken in a short amount of time, taking chlorine dioxide orally is absolutely not an option for this treatment.

In addition, since the DMSO is so very critical to this treatment, the DMSO will also cause some stomach upset if taken orally. Thus, there is a second reason to take the treatment transdermally.

But the most important advantage of taking it transdermally is that with transdermal applications, higher doses can be taken (actually small doses are taken several times), and the high daily doses can be achieved much more quickly.

It is rare when more than 30 drops of chlorine dioxide are taken in a day. Always Start with 1 drop the first day, 2 the second day and 3 the third day. If you are feeling okay by this point, try upping the dose on day four by 2 drops and continue this going forward if you are feeling okay with  it.. . The transdermal protocol is much more forgiving than the oral protocol and thus you can increase drops a little faster.. ... As you keep adding drops, just add them to one of the doses... Example, on day four, if you increase by 2 drops, your schedule will look like this - 1st dose, 2 drops, second dose 2 drops, third dose 1 drop... You did three drops on the third day, so day four will be 5 drops. The drops are spread out evenly over 6 - 8 hours in 3 - 4 doses.  (it is critical to spread out the drops).

How to Make "ONE DOSE" of Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO

How many times you take the dose of chlorine dioxide and DMSO will be discussed later. But first, we need to understand how to make "One Dose."

READ THIS SECTION SEVERAL TIMES to make sure you aren't missing anything. Especially read it AFTER making one or two doses!! You would also be smart to have a second person look at the instructions to make sure you both agree on how to make "One Dose."

Step 1: Measuring the MMS

Typically, you build up to 3 drops for each 25 lbs of body weight...  But for chronic illness, double that is common and some triple it.. The cancer protocol calls for 130 drops a day!


Step 3: Measuring the Volume of the Activator

The "activator" will either be citric acid or lemon juice or lime juice. Each will now be discussed.

Making the Citric Acid
If you are using 10% citric acid as the activator, make sure you dissolve it in water before using it. Here is the formula for what to put in the blue bottle:
1) Put 2 TEAspoons of the citric acid powder in the blue bottle or any dropper bottle 5 oz or larger. ,
2) ADD 3 ounces (i.e. 6 TABLEspoons) of water to the blue bottle, use distilled water.

This will almost fill the blue bottle. This formula has the correct 10% citric acid mixture. Use doses for the activator using the blue bottle.

Lemon Juice or Lime Juice
If you use lemon juice or lime juice as the activator, make sure you filter out all particles using a common kitchen strainer.

The Volume of the Activator

For each 1 drop of MMS, use 5 drops of the activator. If you are taking 8 drops, 8 x 5 = 40 drops of activator.

At this point you should ADD the correct volume of the activator (citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice) to the MMS you already put in the small bowl.

Step 4: Your FIRST Wait of 3 Minutes

AFTER MIXING the MMS (i.e. sodium chlorite) with the activator, stir the mixture, then let it sit for 3 minutes, stirring the mixture every 30 seconds. This three minute wait creates the chlorine dioxide.

Step 5: Measuring the DMSO

AFTER the 3 minutes needed to make chlorine dioxide, add the liquid DMSO to the mixture.

In the same small bowl add 3/4 of a TEAspoon of DMSO. In other words, this is added to the chlorine dioxide you made above regardless of your weight.

Step 6: Your SECOND Wait of 3 Minutes

After ADDING the DMSO to the chlorine dioxide you need to mix the mixture, then wait an additional 3 minutes, stirring the mixture every 30 seconds.

This is the SECOND TIME you have waited 3 minutes. This time you are waiting for the DMSO to bind to the chlorine dioxide.

After this second wait of 3 minutes you have a mixture which is defined to be "One Dose" of Chlorine Dioxide / DMSO.

The steps above can be summarized thusly:

1) Put your drops of MMS in a small bowl,
2) Add 5 drops of the "activator" (citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice), for each 1 drop of MMS.
3) WAIT 3 minutes (stir at first and every 30 seconds) to make the chlorine dioxide,
4) Add 3/4 of a TEAspoon of DMSO,
5) WAIT an additional 3 minutes (stir at first and every 30 seconds) for the DMSO to bind to the chlorine dioxide.

You Have Now Made "One Dose"!!

The mixture you made above contains your number of drops of MMS, plus an activator plus DMSO. The entire mixture of MMS, activator and DMSO is called "One Dose." By definition, if you take "10 or 8 or 6 drops" of chlorine dioxide, you are taking "One Dose," meaning the entire mixture above.

Thus, you will never measure drops of the mixture. You will always take the entire mixture because the entire mixture is called "One Dose."

Step 7: Putting the Mixture on the Skin (Transdermal)

When the second three minute wait is completed, you can rub the entire mixture onto your skin. Spead the mixture so that it is thin on your skin. This way it will penetrate faster and will create less of a skin rash.

If is very important to rotate where you put the mixture on the skin. During the "prep" day you will take "One Dose" 3-4 times, where each dose is separated by 1 hour. The first time you may want to put it on your arms. The second time you may want to rub it on your leg thighs. The third time you may want to rub it on your leg calfs. The next time you use it you will rotate back to your arms. And so on. The person's back can also be used.

By rotating where you put the mixture your skin has 3 hours to completely recover from the DMSO pulling the chlorine dioxide through the skin.

You also have another way to protect your skin. Ten minutes after putting the "One Dose" on the appropriate place on your body (if you can wait that long), you can put MSM Water on that location of the skin if there is any rash developing. I would use this after every one hour dose.

To make MSM water, take 1 gallon of distilled (only) water, draw off 1 1/2 cups, then add 1 1/2 cups of MSM powder... Shake vigorously... A much better way is to heat the distilled water to 125 degrees, then mix in the MSM powder...

Buy MSM in bulk at bulkfoods.com    Click on "NATURAL HEALTH," scroll down to MSM... the 5 lb paks are the best price.. You can also buy magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, citric acid, turmeric, cream of tartar and Gray salt (celtic) in 5 lb paks at true wholesale pricing..



Also after doing your MMS treatments for the day, apply pure virgin organic coconut oil to the area... This is the very best skin lotion, all natural and organic... You could also use the gel of an Aloe plant, very soothing...



Thus, you have two different ways to protect your skin during the treatment.

It should be mentioned that latex gloves, rubber gloves or any other kind of gloves should NOT be used to spread any mixture containing DMSO. The DMSO can pull the materials in these gloves through the skin. Use bare hands.

Note: If at any time during the you do not feel well, terminate the treatment immediately. This treatment is not toxic, but there may be individuals who have a reaction to the DMSO or chlorine dioxide. This is why we start with one drop!

Let us assume you start at 8:00 A.M. Your schedule would look like this:
NOTE: For Lymies, you can do this 3 - 4 doses daily
Dose #     Time     What to Take       
Hour #01-DOSE     8:00 AM (0800)     One Dose       
Hour #01-MSM     8:30 AM (0830)     MSM Water ONLY       
Hour #02-DOSE     9:00 AM (0900)     One Dose       
Hour #02-MSM     9:30 AM (0930)     MSM Water ONLY       
Hour #03-DOSE     10:00 AM (1000)     One Dose       
Hour #03-MSM     10:30 AM (1030)     MSM Water ONLY       
Hour #04-DOSE     11:00 AM (1100)     One Dose   

You are DONE (no MSM is needed after the last "One Dose").

This would be a good time to apply the coconut oil.

It doesn't matter what time of the day you take the actual treatment. That is up to you, but from beginning to end it is 3-4 complete hours.

If you have and questions, e-mail Jim Humble at www.miraclemineral.org. You may also order his book and learn of 3 sources to purchase the MMS here in the U.S. and Canada.


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