Finding a Lyme-literate Doctor (LLD)

The first and best way to find a LLD is to get a personal recommendation from your local Lyme Support Group. If you don't know of any support group, visit to find the group nearest to you.

Another resource is the “Doctor Referral” program at  - but you must register first, and then you may search for only 3 contacts at a time.  However, the list is nationwide.

If you prefer working with your primary care doctor, you should be prepared to assist him/her with medical research. There are some very professional and helpful treatment papers available:

"Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease: Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and other Tick Borne Illnesses" by Dr. Joseph J. Burrascano, who wrote the first version in 1984 - this is the 15th edition and includes all of the latest testing procedures. This is a great paper to share with friends and family to better understand the complicated disease. Download here.  Although Dr. Burrascano is not in a medical practice any more and does not take on patients, he generously donates his time to speak around the country about Lyme disease and serves on several Lyme related Boards. He lives in Florida and works at Advanced Research Corporation located at 100 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 38061

A comprehensive list of some of the best LLD's in the country: 

Marylynn S. Barkley, M.D., Ph.D. Div. of Biological Sciences 211 Briggs Hall University of California, Davis Davis, CA 95616 Tel: 530-752-0203 E-mail:

Steven Bock, M.D. Rhinebeck Health Center 108 Montgomery St. Rhinebeck, NY 12572 Tel: 845-876-7082 Fax: 845-876-4615 Website: E-mail:

Dr. Richard Horowitz, Hyde Park, NY (845) 229-8977

W. Lee Cowden, M.D. has closed his Texas office and works in Chandler, Arizona. You may reach him through these organizations he is affiliated with,

Dr. David A. Jernigan, author of "Beating Lyme Disease" successfully treated his own lyme disease and uses natural medicine, including herbal-homeopathic formulas that target the lyme bacteria. The Hansa Center is located in Wichita, Kansas.
Dr. Robert Bransfield ---- practices in Red Bank, NJ ---- practices in Springfield, MO

Nick Harris, Ph.D. IgeneX, Inc. 797 San Antonio Rd. Palo Alto, CA 94303 Tel: 800-832-3200 Fax: 650-424-1196 E-mail: Website:

Charles Ray Jones, M.D. Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and Lyme Disease 111 Park St., Suite F New Haven, CT 06511 Tel: 203-772-1123 Fax: 203-772-0682

Lida Mattman, Ph.D. Nelson Medical Research Institute 11664 Martin Rd. Warren, MI 48093 Tel: 810-755-6430 Fax: 810-755-4511

Katrina Tang, M.D. Century Wellness Clinic 380 Brinkby Ave. Reno, NV 89509 Tel: 775-826-9500 Fax: 775-825-3301 Website: E-mail:

JoAnne Whitaker, M.D. Bowen Research and Training Institute, Inc. P.O. Box 627 Palm Harbor, Florida 34682 Tel: 727-937-9077 Fax: 727-942-9687 Website: E-mail:


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