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This website has been created to help - if you are suffering with Neuro-Lyme symptoms, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

NEWS FLASH:  Finally a diagnostic test that is 100% accurate (barring contamination) that was developed with Dr. Burrascano as a fully participating consultant (although he has no financial interest in the company. Read about it HERE.

The following video was presented at The Time For Lyme 2011 fundraising gala, and tells the stories of former IBM executive Richard (Dick) Gerstner and fashion designer Ally Hilfigers battle with Lyme disease.

The section about the new and exciting research being conducted by Karen Newell, acclaimed scientist at Texas A& M, is the researcher working with Viral Genetics on the drug listed in the post above, and whose painstaking and cutting edge work may hold the promise to unlocking the secrets of Chronic Lyme disease.

Warning, this is a fundraising video so the last part is an appeal for money - a worthy cause for any who can afford charities. - What is it?

As a result of my ordeal, I have dedicated my life to helping others, and that is what I hope to do with this website and my other Lyme and health related sites:

You will find all the latest medical and scientific information about chronic Lyme along with product recommendations, alternative healing protocols and personal stories of courage and hope.  I wish to thank all my readers for their patience with respect to my writing stops and starts.  I have turned the corner FINALLY, but its hard to do much writing when I am having a bad spell or a really good spell (my horses call...)

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease, I felt so relieved! Months of non-conclusive tests, frustrating evaluations, and the growing sense of was going to be all behind me now! I had Lyme disease, and I was actually relieved to have all that fear and worry over.

Little did I know that my nightmare had only just begun.

That was back in the fall of 2007.

Life has been a living hell for the last years, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel which was not there until very recently.  All of my doctors agree that I have been suffering with Lyme for most of my fifty year life, and so my immune system crashed (in 2007).  Additionally I have been diagnosed with several types of Borrelia along with Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Shingles, Parasites and others that are still undiagnosed.

Yes, Lyme and these coinfections finally explain the mystery illnesses that caused multiple organs to be surgically removed without a clear diagnosis.  And yes, it also explains my severe and frquent migraines, frequent flu-like symptoms, profound weakness, my mysterious loss of hearing, and the excrutiating pain in my abdomen, throat, joints and the soles of my feet that would come and go...

Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, I used to do most of my work on the computer, so it was natural for me to begin my search for answers there.  But after weeks of searching, while my symptoms were going from bad to worse, I finally gave up trying to make sense of the conflicting information on the computer, and started buying books instead, and joining forums to get answers to my many questions. 

That is when I began to really understand the complexity of my medical situation.

Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the world.

Without reliable testing and treatment programs, thousand upon thousands of people are slipping through the cracks and developing chronic cases of Lyme, especially neurological Lyme.

Also, with spirochetes infecting all bodily fluids, sexual transmission is adding to the "Tsunami" of chronic neurological disease that is spreading all over the world.

Neuroborreliosis (the correct term for Neuro-Lyme), encompasses any type of Lyme disease that has invaded the central nervous system.

Studies at the SUNY Medical Center have proven that Lyme spirochetes can infiltrate the central nervous system within 24 hours of infection, so even though neurological symptoms may take weeks or months to appear, the number of victims is certainly much higher than presently recognised.

Given the fact that there are very few experienced and knowledgeable specialists treating Lyme disease, there are even fewer capable of understanding and treating neuroborreliosis.

As with Lyme arthritis and other forms of chronic Lyme disease, the patients most often requires access to the most recent developments in science and medicine with respect to their unique presentation of the disease.

This can be a lonely and frightening aspect of an already terrifying illness. 







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These are the best supplements for neuological Lyme disease:

Protection: Resveratrol, Selenium
Repair: Vinpocamine, Ginkgo Biloba
Inflammation: Huperzine, Stephania
Memory: L-acetyl-canetine, Zinc w/copper

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